Everyone’s laughing, nudging at you, asking why you didn’t bring your little guy friend along.I try to avoid looking at you, knowing you were looking at me, but we both know my resistance always crumbles when it comes to you.

My eyes find yours in the darkness. You give me a shrug and a sheepish smile.

You change lovers more often than I lose my pens. I’d rather stay in this boundary of not knowing than have the same fate as them.


I. (What Could Have Been, What Never Was)

Don’t do that.

Stop doing that.

I hate it when you smile like that. A tiny, tiny smile that slowly widens into something so glorious like sunrises or ice cream on the beach.

You can’t just suddenly show up after ten months, two weeks, and three days. Yes, I have the duration counted. As if it matters. I know it doesn’t. See what you have done to me?