catalyst for entropy

I am Kad and I like taking pictures of myself, but I hate my face. It is my goal to resemble L (see: DEATH NOTE) and to conquer the world and immortalize myself by being remembered. I am hipster and pretentious and I like Starbucks because it reminds me of Christmas (see: LET IT SNOW, a collection of short stories regarding Christmas). There’s a lot about me, but I don’t really want to seem like a self-centric shit, but, let’s face it: we all are (sometimes).

At the moment, I am on the top bunk in my dorm room and it is noisy and it’s 12:23 in the morning and I can’t sleep. (November 24, 2014.)

I’ve been mistaken as a foreigner in my own country ever since I was a kid. I’m not sure if it’s the accent or my eyes. Funny, really. Chinese looks and a Western accent.

(Look at me pleading the Heavens for mercy. Such drama. Oh, I have an instagram account, by the way: @provokadeur.)

I don’t have anything profound to say, but I try. I was in love with a girl for around a year or so, but I’m a shitty person. What else, hmm.

[More to be added, maybe.]

I’m an incoming third year medical technology student.Β I’m still awkward as ever. I still take a lot of pictures. Of a boy with slim hips and a wide, goofy grin.

(April 3, 2016)


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