Ellipsis would be that short girl in the background, wearing glasses with frames to big for her face and a tiny nose. Ellipsis would be the one always doubting whether she would continue her sentences and the one with sweaters too large for her.

Exclamation point would be the leader, the one standing out in the group. He would be impulsive and driven and always wears crisp suits.

Question mark would be exclamation point’s right hand. Always providing ideas and grounding exclamation point’s wild plans.

Period would be the group’s most grounded. She clashes a lot with exclamation point because of their complementary personalities.

Period has an intense unresolved sexual tension with exclamation point and always wears her hair in a bun and cat-eye glasses.

Comma is the barely-noticed member of the group. Forgotten most of the time despite his importance. He doesn’t mind and always wears a grin.

Colon and semi-colon are twins. Semi-colon is the mediator of the group and colon is always missing in action. The two are identical.


I. (What Could Have Been, What Never Was)

Don’t do that.

Stop doing that.

I hate it when you smile like that. A tiny, tiny smile that slowly widens into something so glorious like sunrises or ice cream on the beach.

You can’t just suddenly show up after ten months, two weeks, and three days. Yes, I have the duration counted. As if it matters. I know it doesn’t. See what you have done to me?